Concept Note on Adbhut Matrutva



Dr Jaideep Malhotra

President FOGSI 2018

Motherhood is a unique experience and many studies have shown that for a healthy generation, it is necessary for a mother to be fit physically, mentally, psychologically and socially.

It is now also scientifically proven that many adult diseases are linked to the fetal environment in utero, which is linked directly to mother’s genes and epigenetics.

Maternal Nutrition, exercises, medication, environment and supplementations play a major role in formulating not only the development of the unborn child, but the entire future generations.

Under nutrition and over-nutrition, both are harmful to the growing fetus and these cause the fetal imbalance of metabolism and under and over secretion of hormones which leads to endothelium damage of fetal arteries and finally long term problems of Non-Communicable diseases like Diabetes, Cardiovascular and strokes, which are anyway now the major killers.

Good antenatal care and a Holistic approach to pregnancy are essential for a healthy mother and a healthy baby.

FOGSI, the largest organization of obstetricians and gynecologists of the world has adopted a holistic approach to make motherhood incredible.

Adbhut Matrutva is an initiative launched by FOGSI to provide holistic antenatal care to all pregnant women of India.

35000 FOGSI members will be trained to this new modified approach towards pregnancy care. The aims are:

  • Make Pregnancy a pleasurable experience.

  • Give complete holistic experience to pregnant women:

    1. Clinical Care

    2. Relevant Testing

    3. Yoga

    4. Meditation

    5. Nutrition Guidance

    6. Music and Aroma Therapy

    7. Motivational Lectures

    8. Motivational Stories

    9. Videos

    10. Pregnancy Diary

    11. Immunization Guide

    12. Supplementation and Medication

  • All these facilities will be available to the patient and doctor on the “Adbhut Matrutva” Mobile App.

Providing this changed approach to pregnancy care, it is expected to reduce pregnancy related complications and death and also it is expected to have birth of healthier babies. All this data will be analyzed by electronic record keeping.



HealthE India has developed APP with special features which will facilitate the girl child to develop wings and allow her to soar. We believe in and fully endorse this mission of Adbhut Matrutva and we are fully committed to continuously innovate and improve to meet this mission.

The basic objective of the App is to provide a seamless communication and transactional channel between patients, doctors and medical service providers in offline as well as on real time basis.

  • Patient gets complete healthcare under his favourite doctor/nursing home with the help of service providers. Under doctor’s advice, unnecessary clinic visits are avoided and doctor can be consulted over the App with all current and historical reports
  • Doctor is equipped with ‘intelligent tools’ to facilitate patient care; meets current and anticipated statutory compliance; medical resources at fingertips; optimum time utilization; important professional and statutory notifications and a handle to build strong bonding / long term relationship with his patients.
  • Gives service provider an opportunity to be a part of end to end integrated healthcare digital platform and showcase their services to much larger audience at negligible cost.

What it means for the patient?

The health seeker can register oneself and up to 5 members of his immediate family for a nominal annual fee to avail of the following services:

  • Finalize your doctor for consultation as per our list

    on the basis of specialization, fee structure, clinic location and timings, attachment to nursing homes/hospitals, availability of medical procedures etc. You can also identify doctors
    1. Who are available online for immediate consultation
    2. Who are available for home visit near your location
    If your regular Doctors are not on the list, please inform us and we will take all actions to enlist them
  • Book and confirm your appointment

    1. For physical visit to doctor’s clinic – You can pay online or at the doctor’s clinic. The confirmation note will contain time slot booked along with queue no. and expected time of consultation
    2. For on line consultation through voice or video call – After payment is made, appointment confirmation will be notified with time slot, queue no. and expected time of consultation. Patient can be joined by close relatives during consultation though present in another location.
  • Doctor consultation

    1. For physical visit to doctor’s clinic – Doctor will meet you based on your appointment. After consultation prescription will be handed over to you. The doctor will also upload a copy of the prescription in your App record. Prescription can also be uploaded by you by just taking a photograph from your phone/ other APP device.
    2. For on line consultation through voice or video call – One hour prior to your appointment you will receive message giving latest update on your appointment. Thereafter, frequent notification will be sent till doctor is ready to take your voice/video call and you will be prompted to start. Post consultation your prescription will be uploaded in your App record for your further actions.
  • Post consultation

    1. Based on the medical advice, you can proceed to our ‘Service Platform’ to select your preferred organisations for a host of services like medicine, medical tests, medical procedures, home care, medical equipment hire/purchase etc. If, your preferred organisation is not in our list or you want more services to be added, please inform us and we will add the same.
    2. Our Service Partners will facilitate you at every step. Your report will be handed over to you and also uploaded in your App Record
    3. Based on the policy of your selected doctor, post consultation advice will be available through visits, voice/video calls and mobile text messages.
  • All medical record like prescription, medical test reports, imaging reports, medicines, procedure reports, paramedics report etc will be stored in your App record in an easily retrievable, scientific manner. Simultaneously, all medical documents will be converted into ‘electronic entered’ record unlike a pdf record
  • In case of hospitalization, the complete treatment record up to the discharge report will be digitized, subject to our fair usage policy.
  • Algorithm will be applied to the data to generate analysis / reports which are expected to provide invaluable and critical input to the doctor in his diagnosis and disease management. These include among others;
    1. Trends of parameters under observation
    2. Progress of treatment
    3. EHR summary
  • Any variant medical conditions related to diabetes, hypertension and renal conditions will trigger your personal wellness management section in the APP. Based on well-established medical algorithms; the APP will assess seriousness of the condition and advise you on future course of action which may include visit to your doctor. The cycle of ‘assessment of severity of condition – recommendations – next test dates’ will continue till condition is mitigated. In future more medical conditions will be covered under the APP.
  • The APP will guide you, based on simple inputs which can be done at your home, whether you need specific urgent medical actions including hospitalisation. Based on the advice, you can trigger an emergency button which will activate a select list of nursing homes/hospitals to take all necessary actions from ambulatory services to hospital admission. RMO can press emergency button for hospitalised patient for special alert to doctor.

What it means for the doctor?

The doctor registering with the App immediately starts enjoying the following services;

  • Long term patient relationship with strong Doctor – patient bond:

    Continuous interaction and engagement with the patient between two consultations
    1. Doctor’s reminder to patient for taking critical medicines on time; test and upload reports; next appointment
    2. Diagnostic lab notifies doctor of abnormal parameters and doctor informs patients to take emergency action including immediate clinic visit.
    3. Explaining side effects of medicine; conditions to worry; conditions not to worry; checking patient’s condition; share worry with doctors on text
    4. Motivational approach – encourage patients for lifestyle improvement.
    5. Keeping agreed relatives informed of progress
    6. Anytime access to electronic health record of the patient with condition management trends developed over a time period.
  • Advance tools to assist in patient care

    1. A choice of several templates for wring your prescription electronically with in-built tools that assists you in the following areas
      1. Automatically generates Generic Drugs where applicable
      2. Prompts drug interaction
      3. Prompts duplicate medication
      4. Prompts over or under drug dosage based on patient profile
      5. Prompts conflict on allergy based on patient profile
    2. A manually entered prescription will be digitized the following day and observations, if any will be notified to the doctor
    3. During consultation, you can views patient’s health record. You can choose the aspects you want to view, including trends of parameters which may help in diagnosis.
    4. Provision to create personalized and private chat groups to discuss medical issues amongst group members and management of blogs.
  • Statutory compliance

    1. The APP is designed to meet all present statutory requirements as prevailing in India on date as well as statutory requirements of foreseeable future, we will in due course add if any statutory requirements are required in other countries. This includes
      1. Clear, legible prescription
      2. Prescribing GENERIC drugs where applicable
      3. Maintaining prescription and other health records in PDF form as well as electronically entered form in an easily retrieval manner.
    2. Based on your profile and clinical setup, the App
      1. Alerts you on meeting statutory requirements on time
      2. Notifies you on changes in statutory requirement
    3. Connects you to experts dealing in medical statutory compliance and medical practice insurance
  • Important information wherever you are

    1. You can chose to receive whatever information you want in a simple format such as
      1. Appointments of the day booked through the APP category wise. We can integrate your existing appointment system with our APP and then you can receive total appointments schedule for the day.
      2. Revenue
      3. Attendance of your staff
      4. Flow of your prescription from your clinic to various service partners
    2. We will provide a link to our medical enterprise management package through which you can manage all aspects of your clinic/nursing home comprehensively. This package can be yours for free subject to our terms and conditions. Through this package you can design your own MIS which will be available on your APP.
  • Medical resources

    1. Calculators
    2. Protocols
    3. Diseases & Control articles
    4. Drug Monographs
    5. Procedures
    6. Protocol Standards
  • Small features with Big impact

    1. Doctor’s list of active and passive patients ; segment-wise
    2. Doctor connected to ‘patient – pharmacy – diagnostic lab’ loop
    3. Report on ‘Referred from” and “Referred to” for closure of treatment
    4. Upcoming events/ conferences/latest medical news/ notifications/ statutory changes
    5. Medicine and Tests prescribed report

What it means for the partners?

  • In the first phase the following services will be integrated in the App
    1. Medical tests
    2. Pharmacy
    3. Procedure
    4. Home care
    5. Purchase/hiring of medical equipment
  • Other services will be gradually added
  • Opportunity to integrate with end to end solutions for health care in digital platform
  • Multi fold increase in visibility of your products and services
  • Increased business with ease


  1. Relationship between HEALTHEINDIA and AM

    1. HEALTHEINDIA will incorporate additional features in their APP specific to AM as detailed below. HEALTHEINDIA will continuously update the APP in stages to add more features which will be of interest to AM, in consultation with them.
    2. AM will formally endorse the APP and provide support where required to promote the APP.
    3. HEALTHEINDIA is authorised to use AM logo for promotional and marketing support. AM is authorised to use HEALTHEINDIA logo where required.
  2. Management of Pregnancy

    1. Define range of parameters for normal conditions – (a) pre pregnancy stages (b) for different stages of pregnancy and (c) post pregnancy stages
    2. Prepare a guided/prompted prescription module that captures the relevant parameters for all stages
    3. Compares actual parameters for each stage with range of normal parameters and records deviation, if any
    4. Algorithm evaluates the deviations and classifies condition as (a) normal; (b) aberration; (c) High risk and (d) emergency
    5. Provides links to medical reports / protocol on management of similar conditions
    6. Prompts the doctor during writing prescription for (a) allergy (b) duplicate drugs (c) over or under dosage (d) drug interaction (e) drug supplements
    7. Issues report automatically which doctor can edit on side effects of drugs, S.O.S conditions to contact doctor and expected changes in patient’s condition before next consultation along with dietary and exercise advice.
    8. Emergency button linked to preferred nursing home/hospital for response from ambulance to admission. All data from patients’ location to present medical condition available with the service provider.
  3. Record Keeping

    1. Patients records maintained – prescription/tests/imaging etc
    2. Records converted into meaningful reports / parameters trends / progress / EMR Summary - for doctor to view
  4. Communication and Relationships

    1. Directory of AM members – doctors can form own groups
    2. Blog on topics selected by AM – users view and specialist views
    3. Daily Health tips, videos, stories from AM to all APP users
    4. Link to “Virtue Baby” digital platform
    5. Link to digital books and articles with emphasis on regular updates/notification/messages to the would-be-mother
    6. Link to for meditation/yoga/music/stories that the would-be-mother published by AM members
  5. In Near Future

    1. Similar package for Pre puberty and puberty, Menopause, Infertility, IVF, Any “intelligent” features as desired by Adbhut Matrutva.